Plenary & Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Chihaya Adachi
Kyushu University, Japan
Organic light-emitting diodes employing efficient reverse intersystem
crossing for triplet to singlet state conversion
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Benjamin J. Eggleton
University of Sydney, Australia
Nonlinear photonic circuits transforming the new information age: Faster,
smaller and smarter
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Stephen W.S. McKeever
Oklahoma State University, USA
Optically Stimulated Luminescence: Principles and recent developments
for use in radiation dosimetry
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Takashi Asano and Susumu Noda
Kyoto University, Japan
Recent Progress and Future Prospects of Photonic Crystals
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Invited Speakers

Sergei Baranovski Philipps University Marburg Germany Theory to charge generation, transport and recombination in organic solar cells
Kokwai Cheah Hong Kong Baptist University China Novel plasmonic materials and devices
Chun-Wei Chen National Taiwan University Taiwan Nanomaterials in organic solar cells
David G. Cooke McGill University Canada Ultra-broadband THz spectroscopy revealing sub-picosecond mobile charge dynamics in conjugated polymers
Andy Edgar and Nicola Winch Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand Third generation cesium bromide storage-phosphors for radiation imaging
Giovanni Fanchini University of Western Ontario Canada Transparent and conducting graphene thin films and nanocomposites for optoelectronic and solar applications
Michael Fokine Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Sweden Photosensitivity and index changes in silica based fibers
Yasufumi Fujiwara Osaka University Japan Current status of environment-friendly red light-emitting diodes with Eu-doped GaN
Fuji Funabiki Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan Optical properties of rare-earth-doped B2O3 glasses: Effect of high pressure
Tom Gregorkiewicz University of Amsterdam Netherlands Using Si and Si nanocrystals for the 1.5um emission from Er3+ ions
Chunlei Guo University of Rochester USA The black and colored metals and applications
Liyuan Han National Institute for Materials Science Japan Highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Mark Hopkinson University of Sheffield UK Advances in the growth and fabrication of III-V Semiconductors for photonics
Linhua Hu and Songyuan Dai Chinese Academy of Sciences China Mechanism of surface pretreatments and modification for dye-sensitized solar cells
Jørn M. Hvam Technical University of Denmark Denmark Advances in silicon nanophotonics
Peter Uhd Jepsen Technical University of Denmark Denmark Correlation between THz AC conductivity and DC conductivity mapping of large-area graphene
Animesh Jha University of Leeds UK Nanoscale engineering of dissimilar materials using Pulsed Laser Deposition for integrated optics
Koichi Kajihara Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan Photoluminescence study of oxygen exchange at the internal surface of amorphous SiO2
Yoshihiko Kanemitsu Kyoto University Japan Multicarrier recombination dynamics in semiconductor nanomaterials
Christian A. Kaufmann Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin Germany CIGSe thin film solar cells on poylimide substrates
Anthony Kenyon University College London UK Nanocluster-sensitised luminescence from rare-earth ions: perspectives and prospects
Tadamasa Kimura University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo. Japan High optical gain in ErxY2-xO5 slot waveguides and possibility for compact light amplifiers and optical sources
Takashi Kita Kobe University Japan Extremely uniform excitonic states in nitrogen delta-doped GaAs
Krisztian Kohary University of Exeter UK Arithmetic and biologically-inspired computing using phase-change materials
Nobuyoshi Koshida Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Japan Photonic and related functional applications of quantum-sized nanosilicon
Sandor Kugler Budapest University of Technology and Economics Hungary Photoinduced volume changes in obliquely and flatly deposited amorphous chalcogenide glasses -Universal description of the kinetics-
Roger Lewis University of Wollongong Australia Monte Carlo simulations of the emission of terahertz-frequency electromagnetic radiation from semiconductors
Hao-Wu Lin National Tsing Hua University Taiwan Efficient organic solar cells based on push-pull small molecules
Chao Liu and Jong Heo Wuhan University of Technology and Pohang University of Science and Technology Korea Building quantum dots inside glasses
David J. Lockwood National Research Council of Canada Canada Fast light-emitting silicon-germanium nanostructures
Pierre Lucas University of Arizona USA Long-wave infrared-transmitting glasses: Optical and electrical properties for sensing applications
Barry Luther-Davies Australian National University Australia Optimizing chalcogenide glasses for nanophotonics
Maurizio Martino University of Salento Italy Pulsed laser deposition of high-k dielectric Y2CuTiO6 thin films
Hirokazu Masai Kyoto University Japan White light emission of rare earth-free phosphate glass
Peter Mascher McMaster University Canada Visible light emission from rare-earth doped silicon-based nanostructures
Atsunobu Masuno and Hiroyuki Inoue University of Tokyo Japan High refractive index glasses prepared by containerless processing
Younes Messaddeq Laval University Canada Progress on photoinduced effect on chalcogenide glasses
Alexander Moewes University of Saskatchewan Canada Anion ordering and tunable band gap in Spinel nitrides: α-, β-, and γ-phase of Si3N4, γ-Ge3N4, γ-GeSi2N4, γ-Sn3N4 and Ga3O3N
Martin Nikl Institute of Physics, ASCR CZech Republic New material concepts in complex oxide phosphors and scintillators
Yutaka Noguchi Chiba University Japan Interface charges in organic light-emitting diodes: The origin and impacts on device properties
Hideo Ohkita Kyoto University Japan Near-IR dye sensitization of polymer/fullerene solar cells
Ci-Ling Pan National Tsing Hua University Taiwan THz conductivities of indium-tin-oxide nanowhiskers as a graded-refractive-index structure
Dirk Poelman Ghent University Belgium Persistent luminescence: traps in materials and in research
Mogens Poulsen Technical University of Denmark Denmark Micro- and nanoscale patterning and characterisation of materials for improved materials and device characteristics
Jianrong Qiu South China University of Technology China Novel glasses and glass-ceramics for broadband optical amplification
Alla Reznik Lakehead University Canada Recent advances in avalanche amorphous selenium technology and its applications in optical and gamma-ray imaging
Harry Ruda University of Toronto Canada Influence of defects on optoelectronic response of nanowires
Ramaswami Sammynaiken University of Saskatchewan Canada Ultra-violet light emitting nanoparticles for clean water technology
Heinz von Seggern University of Darmstadt Germany Recent progress in the understanding of the x-ray storage phosphor CsBr:Eu2
Jai Singh Charles Darwin University Australia Recipe for attaining optimal energy resolution in inorganic scintillators
Aasmund S. Sudbo University of Oslo Norway Photonic crystals for light trapping in solar cells
Stephen John Sweeney University of Surrey UK New semiconductor approaches to energy efficient integrated photonics
Takahiro Wada Ryukoku University Japan Cu-chalcogenide photovoltaic materials from CuInSe2 to Cu2ZnSnS4 and other ternary and multinary compounds
Richard Williams Wake Forest University USA The importance of excitation diffusion in scintillators
Robert Withnall Brunel University UK Nanophosphors for displays and lighting
Christian Wolpert and Markus Lippitz Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research Germany Nonlinear spectroscopy of single quantum dots
Chih-I Wu National Taiwan University Taiwan Investigation of the diffusion length of the cathodes in OLEDs through the impedance characteristics
Hiroyuki Yoshida and Masanori Ozaki Osaka University Japan Tunable lasing from a nano-sized polymer-dispersed cholesteric liquid crystal
Akira Yoshikawa Tohoku University Japan Crystal growth and scintillation properties of colquiriite (6LiCaAlF6, 6LiSrAlF6) single crystal, as a candidate for neutron scintillator alternatives to 3He
Furong Zhu Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong Semitransparent organic solar cells

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