Optical and optoelectronic properties of a wide range of materials and materials systems, such as single crystals, polycrystalline bulk and film samples, amorphous materials, organics, polymers, photonic crystals and nanostructures, quantum wells, wires and dots
- Excitonic processes
- Luminescence, Phosphors, Scintillators and Applications
- Photoinduced effects
- Electro-optic properties and applications
- Nonlinear optical properties and applications
- Materials for optoelectronics and photonics
- Nano-optoelectronics and Nanophotonics
- Photoconductivity, photogeneration, quantum efficiency
- Optically induced processes
- Optical fibers
- Materials for optical storage
- Photovoltaic materials
- Experimental techniques
- Optoelectronic and photonic devices
- Optical components for telecommunications
- Applications of materials in photonics and optoelectronics

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ICOOPMA12 is the fifth in the ICOOPMA series, an International Conference on Optical, Optoelectronic and Photonic Materials and Applications, which was held for the first time in Darwin, Australia, in 2006. ICOOPMA07, 08 and 10 were held in London, England (2007), Edmonton, Canada (2008), and Budapest, Hungary (2010), and each had over 250 participants and several plenary lectures from world's top researchers. The ICOOPMA series arose from a need for such a conference for those researchers who sought a truly international conference that covered a wide range of materials and applications in optics, optoelectronics and photonics. The International and Local Organizing Committees have the responsibility of ensuring an in-depth scientific coverage with invited and contributed papers from various countries and in various disciplines; and ensuring an enjoyable scientific program. By tradition, the conference has a large number of invited papers from top researchers in various fields to review the advances and bring the audience up-to-date. The plenary and invited talks are the most exciting part of the scientific program; and for finding out the advances, challenges and the current problems.

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Inportant Dates(tentative)

Oral abstract Submission: 10 February 2012

Poster abstract submission: 31 March 2012

Early registration: 17 March 2012

Notification of acceptance/rejection of oral presentation: 10 March 2012
(We will also notify acceptance/rejection to authors of poster presentations who will
submit their abstracts before the end of February.)

Notification of acceptance/rejection of poster presentation: 10 April 2012



» Nara Prefectural New Public Hall
  101 kasugano-cho, Nara, Nara 630-8212 JAPAN

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Access Map

5th ICOOPMA will be held at Nara Prefectural New Public Hall near the center of Nara city.
The conference site is about 2.5km distant from Hotel Nikko Nara (conference banquet).
You can use local bus transportation between them.


From overseas (click to enlarge)


Nara city (click to enlarge)


Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Nara

By Limousine Bus

The easiest way to come to Nara from Kansai International Airport is to use a limousine bus. We recommend using the limousine bus because it brings you to JR Nara station without a transfer. It takes about 85 min. and the fare is JPY 1,800 per person.

Further Information
By Train

An alternative way is to use trains. You have to change trains at least once to come to Nara from the airport. You should prepare well in advance.

You can choose a route from the following for JR Nara station.

"Nankai Airport Line" (orange) — «Shin-imamiya» — "JR Yamatoji Line" (green)
The minimum fare is JPY 1,430. This is the cheapest. However, at JR Shin-imamiya station, You cannot use neither escalator nor elevator. Thus if you have big luggage, you should select another route.
"JR Kansai Airport Line" (blue) — «Tennoji» — "JR Yamatoji Line" (green)
The minimum fare is JPY 1,660. On your return journey, you should be careful when you take Kansai Airport Rapid Service. Only the front 4 cars out of 8 cars, cars No.1 through No.4, are bound for Kansai-airport. You should check the car No. before taking the train.
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Osaka Itami Airport (ITM) to Nara

An alternative airport for attendees who cannot easily access Kansai International Airport is Osaka Itami Airport (ITM). Since the airport is only for domestic flights, you have to transit to a domestic flight at an international airport such as Narita International Airport (NRT).

By Limousine Bus

The easiest way to come to Nara from Osaka Itami Airport is to use a limousine bus. We strongly recommend using the limousine bus because it brings you to JR Nara station without a transfer. It takes about 70 min. and the fare is JPY 1,440 per person.

Via Narita International Airport (NRT)

For attendees from some countries, it may be easier to enter Japan at Narita International Airport (NRT). There are mainly two ways to come to Nara via Narita International Airport.

By Air

The easiest way is to fly from Narita International Airport to Osaka Itami Airport though the number of flights is limited.

An alliterative way is to move to Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) by a limousine bus (approx. 75 min./ fare: JPY 3,000) and then fly to Osaka Itami Airport or Kansai International Airport on a domestic flight.

Further Information
By Train

An alternative way is travelling by train. After moving to JR Tokyo station by Narita Express or a limousine bus, you should travel to JR Kyoto station by Shinkansen (bullet train) and transfer to JR line to Nara Station. It takes approximately 5 hours in total.

Further Information

Ground Transportation

Local buses are convenient. They are frequently serviced and the fare is relatively cheap. There are two routes to get to the workshop site (Nara Prefectural New Public Hall) and also two routes to return to the hotels (Hotel Nikko Nara and Sun Hotel Nara).

Taxis are also available from JR Nara Station (at East and West exits). The fare to the conference site is about JPY1,000.

If you need exercise, 30-minute-walk takes you to Nara Prefectural New Public Hall.

Local Bus Route Map (click to enlarge)

Route A1: JR“ޗljw (JR Nara Station) → Œ§VŒö‰ï“° (Kenshinkokaido)
The bus stop "Kenshinkokaido" is the closest to the conference site. However, bus service is not so frequent. Buses depart from bus stop No.1.
Route A2: JR“ޗljw (JR Nara Station) → ‘啧“at“ú‘åŽÐ‘O (Daibutsuden Kasugataisha-mae)
The bus stop "Daibutsuden Kasugataisha-mae" is within a walking distance from the workshop site.
Buses depart frequently from bus stops No.1, 2 and 6.

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